In the world of industry, there are many situations requiring hydraulic or pneumatic energy transmission or the transfer of fluids and as a pioneer in the field of resin hoses and tube, Nitta is proud of its role in making this possible.
Through our technological innovations and by responding to ever0diversifying needs for enhanced functions, we have succeeded in fusing new materials and technologies to create a wide variety of products.
Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic hose

Our hose is lightweight slim with excellent durability of abrasion and chemical resistance with clean inner surface. Our products support wide variety of industries, such as: controlling construction machineries machine tools, agricultural machineries and industrial vehicles.

Pneumatic Tube

We have a large number of pneumatic, fluid transfer tube and fittings depending on the application. Providing optimization to power-saving machineries, robots, pneumatic equipment and painting machines.
Pneumatic Tools

Clean Tube and Clean Fitting, CHEMIFIT

For semiconductor, FPD and solar battery manufacturing machineries, food machines and medical equipment. Accommodates needs by cutting-edge technology fields.

Quick Disconnect Coupling, QDC

Our products contribute to the improvement of unitized and maintenance of the device in a reliable and simple removable manner. We have stainless (SUS304, SU316) and steel, brass type QDC depending on the application.
Quick Discount Coupling (QDC)